Anime/Manga Poems in Blau

  • Ich hab' keine Ahnung, ob jemand hier was in die Richtung liest,

    aus diversen Gründen scheint die Schnittmenge von Lyrikinteressierten und Anime/Mangainteressierten sehr klein zu sein.. :v

    Irgendwann, vor.. gar nicht mal soo langer Zeit, habe ich angefangen, Lyrik zu Anime und Manga zu verfassen.

    Die Texte sind nicht unbedingt Zusammenfassung oder so, eher die Manifestierung eines oder mehrerer Gefühle die ich mit dem jeweiligen Werk verbinde, eines speziellen Charakters, der mich berührt hat, oder whatever.

    Ja.. alter Mann weiss nicht mehr was noch dazu sagen.

    Kommentare mit jedwedem Inhalt sind selbstverständlich erlaubt.

    Ich entschuldige mich im voraus für jegliche abenteuerlichen Formulierungen oder geradeaus Vollhonk-Fehler.


    Anime: Your Name.

    Is it possible

    to love an

    unfamilliar face


    crave a foreign hug to

    move forward

    several years all while

    feeling stuck.

    Tell me, is it


    to love an


    name, to

    living obliviously

    and simultanly feel


    How is it that

    my heart

    is drawn

    by a soundless voice by

    the letters


    my hand

    like out of a dream


    unknown land.

    Red string of

    fate all around

    my wrist

    is telling me to remember

    what for all

    this years I've


    Red string of a

    beautiful band

    woven with heart

    and a


    woven with the certainty

    that it is destined

    to be weared

    by me

    How is it possible


    we are the


    drawn by you


    tell me whats

    your Name. ?

  • Manga: My hero Academia (Kohei Horikoshi)

    a heros burden

    Oh I wish

    for strenght in my

    muscles and

    the smartest brain.

    Mental thoughness

    as well as a heart

    which stays kindly sane.

    Oh god knows

    how I longed

    for a special me

    a state of mind

    that I'd like to stay with

    that everyone can see.

    Miracles happen

    so they say

    but obviously there are none

    left for me in this world

    they are all long gone.

    Upon open crying eyes

    a voice is ringing here

    "Come, I'll grant you

    what you wish for

    at least leave you with gear."

    "I will give you

    strenght and options

    everything and such

    but know, as great as it is

    its dreadful just as much."

    "I will grant you the brightest light

    show you where to go

    but remember,

    for all time

    you harvest what

    you sow."

    "Listen, little brave one here

    you have the heart to win

    I will help you, but in return

    you will adopt my sin"

    "Come with me

    take my hand,

    I'll show you how to shine

    but I fear you will curse my deed

    in oh-so little time."

    "Forgive me for burdening you with my strenght."

  • Danke Narumi :lovex:

    Manga: Arakawa under the Bridge (Hikaru Nakamura)

    The nun, the star, the kappa and the fool

    Rain is falling

    fluorescent drops of

    hopeless dreaming.

    rain is falling

    more intensly now

    and through our big wide grins

    we are


    Transparent words

    form each other

    with the pitter-patter

    on the ground

    solid rock-bottom

    is where a

    different hope is found

    On this grassy riverside

    glossy eyes

    remember days

    where once we all

    thought we knew

    everything and were

    standing tall

    Looming figures

    we are, drowing the sun

    from our dreams and

    the last hope for

    a better life

    a sense;

    something to thrive

    In our own

    wonderful restricted world

    we barely stand up

    we barely feel and

    the worst, we

    can barely tell what

    is real

    Here, where the rain

    falls and we listen

    to the wind for

    we don't

    have anything other to do


    listening to


    We learn that

    this, exactly

    is one of the hardest

    things to do

    to speak up and

    to get through

    Through the enormous wall

    of expectations and

    things we once

    hailed true

    all while we learn

    from each other

    how to colorfully burn.

    How to be born


    from the ashes

    how to know


    we are.

    Who we

    want to be and

    what perspective

    of life we

    want to see

    How to live.

  • Anime: Shigatsu wa kimi no uso

    Kouseis Monologue

    As I look into the abyss

    it looks right back at me

    and lightheartedly it asks:

    "Don't you like what you see?"

    "You know you are no Chopin

    nor Beethovens own son

    yet you try and struggle

    to walk with their shoes on."

    "Alive your mother left you

    with hurting cheeks and heart,

    and now in death she tears you

    just even more apart."

    "Tears you spilled went unseen,

    sweat and blood, the same,

    but child, oh let me tell you

    none of it was in vain"

    "Gambling with your demons

    gave you the possibility

    to encounter friendships

    and set your mind free."

    "Though your laughter is woven in

    with way too many tears,

    you now may find your peace with

    what haunted you for years."

    "So tell me, would you change,

    this mourning in your heart

    qould you trade your sadness

    against those memorie's parts?"

    "I know, you hurt so bad right now,

    but come out of your shell

    The beauty of the dying snow,

    in the lights of a festival."

    "Even if you now feel like

    just "Love's Sorrow"s toy

    my child, for sure, just as much

    it is in you; "Love's Joy"."

  • Manga: Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records / Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

    a fools burden

    The sputtering noises

    from the


    I leave, I leave


    Haunt me down and my

    naïve dreams

    about being


    Helping others and

    make them


    all washed


    with my own

    bitter tears

    I'm scared of,

    I'm scarred by

    the worlds ugly


    My heavy

    heart my


    to nullify your evil


    everyones but mine.

    My wish to save

    all of our


    albeit we all

    are doomed


    when the night falls.

    And oh, how it fell.

    And while I'm

    still scared and

    useless so

    for all I can is


    I hope one day

    death will greet me

    for someone else sake.

  • Manga: Nanoka no Kare - Ein Freund für Nanoka (Saro Tekkotsu, Miyoshi Toumori)


    What is


    Confessing blindly or

    refusing kindly or

    the consequences thereof?

    What are true


    shook eyes or

    intentional lies or

    not yet known meanings?

    What does it cost to

    love you?

    A sleepless night or

    a penny for my pride or

    just powering through?

    How do I

    prove my heart?

    Fight off rivals or

    withstand deprivals or

    speaking words of art?

    Please, give me a


    for I will stay and

    if your heart sways I will

    remind you, face to face.

    I will remember always what

    yet has to come to you.

    That I am here.

    That I hold you dear.

    That I love you.


  • Manga: LIMIT (Keiko Suenobu)

    the LIMIT of humanity

    We walk in

    darkest night

    not so much

    dark by daytime but

    dark by our hearts.

    Faint rainbow of

    our personality

    seen in bloodied shards.

    Partly we wish for

    an end,

    but mostly,

    we are just scared.

    Of the night and

    the differencies

    we once shared.

    All alone, all


    have is what

    we find out there

    and what we try

    oh-so hard, to


    what everyone

    already knows for

    our insecurity

    shines way too bright.

    Desperate measures call

    for an end

    and what an end

    she found

    in death she almost

    seems so quiet,

    as opposed to

    our crying


    The cold soul

    of her will

    hunt us down forever

    our shared


    a burning

    shame's fever

    And while

    we fight to


    the night and

    our shortcomings

    we learn what is


    more important than

    our belongings.

    Lay down

    your scythe

    lay down your


    What we are

    capable of, if

    we fight

    will move everyone

    to tears.

    And what really happened

    out there in the dark


    in our dark


    is our secret alone

    come with me come, let's go

    into the broad daylight.

    Let's go home.

  • Anime: Kokoro Connect


    Can you feel my tired heart

    No? Well, it doesn't matter

    for I can't feel it, myself

    just thoughts to hate and shatter

    Who am I? Just what I see?

    which is my own desire?

    How will I be just what I feel,

    Emotions burning fire

    My fears will get the best of me

    I'm sure there's no way out

    The promise that I gave myself

    now leaves me with a doubt.

    Oh heart of mine, why are you torn

    between what is and was

    why can't I just look forward now

    why do I cling to the past?

    How many warmfull words to tell

    to justify one evil deed

    and where under all this selflessness

    is my true self to meet?

    Maybe sometimes changing visions

    and seeing with a heart

    from an oh-so beloved stranger

    is the most important part.

    Maybe reliving, experience what

    has left our souls to roam

    is a painfull albeit the best

    way to finally find home.

  • Respekt, deine Lyrik gefällt mir wirklich sehr. Besonders das von Nanokanokare hat es mir angetan. Kann es sein, dass es aus der Sicht von Hayata verfasst ist?

    Ach und gibt es eigentlich einen bestimmten Grund warum du in Englisch formulierst?

  • Danke, dass du was an meiner Lyrik findest Clode :lovex:

    Ursprünglich war es als Brief von Hayata an Nanoka gedacht, aber irgendwo auf halbem Wege ist mir aufgefallen,

    dass es genauso gut von Takato kommen könnte, und das fand ich irgendwie faszinierend, weswegen ich den Resten auch versucht haben "offen" zu halten :)

    Nein, das hat eigentlich keinen wirklich Grund.

    Es fällt mir einfach leichter weil ich grade solche Texte in Englisch flüssiger finde.

    Ausserdem lese ich viele Manga in Englisch, und da ist es mir sprachlich dann näher.

  • Anime: Welcome to Irabus Office | Kuuchuu Buranko


    Life is

    not sleeping and

    silently weeping while

    try to function

    the same as before.

    Life is

    getting ignored and

    suddenly feel bored and

    try to find solace

    in virtuality

    Life is

    getting hit by full force of

    an unexpected divorce which

    one tries to avoid

    to keep their sanity.

    Life is

    being passionate and

    realising not being as great as

    one may had thought.

    And try to pour your empty heart

    into an even emptier story.

    Life is

    not knowing exactly yet what

    has to come, what you will get and

    try to run away

    from responsibilities

    But know this, life is also

    finding solutions and

    not getting crushed by

    your dreams, your fears, yourself

    Not losing to the rules that

    made others to tools so

    better be a fool at heart.

    Little canary here is

    almost like me, a bit,

    while it flies, I sit

    here and feel;

    I am content.

    Also, Vitamin shots °^°

  • Die Titel meiner Texte sind irgendwie immer gleich, kann das? :v

    Manga: Orange (Takano Ichigo)

    The hero

    On dusty roads I'm walking

    my heart

    my heart oh how

    does it feel so heavy

    why - of all times now.

    A crumpled piece of paper

    fucking, freaking lines

    I'm paralyzed

    and I feel helpless

    though being supervised.

    Oh rain oh tear, wash away

    what I just have learned

    it hurts

    it hurts for I will never

    get what I have yearned

    My crying heart

    has to be silenced

    isn't it a fortune?

    the way ahead

    the way I have

    is the only option

    To save a life

    I raise my knife

    and stab right through

    my heart

    To save a being

    from what I know

    I'll gladly fall apart

  • Narumi  :lovex:

    Anime: BANANA FISH

    Oh what a
    fragil heart
    underneath all
    this bitterness
    what a
    fragil soul
    buried with

    no access

    Oh how
    wrong this
    gun feels in
    your palm
    oh how
    you wish to be

    Mortifiyng memories
    your inoccence
    your attempts at
    grabbing what little
    the world left

    In green eyes one
    can find no
    but also things
    noone should see
    along with
    the cry for

    Peace of mind and
    a resting
    life with not much
    but at least
    whole parts
    the tranquility
    of the casualnes
    of being alive

    Not to fight for
    a good nights sleep for
    the certainty
    you are
    more than
    they want you to believe
    you are

    Oh little boy
    I hear your
    I understand your
    fear to cede
    heart aches
    for you

    Little boy in
    the strong, grown
    I see you and
    I hear your
    it fills my
    head up
    to the brim with
    your noise
    implorements for

    I cry

  • Manga: One Piece (Eichiiro Oda)

    Subdedicated to Cora-san :lovex:

    The upside-down king

    The self-crowning

    king of


    succumbs slowly

    into madness

    for the world

    stays dark.

    Oh how

    he fights

    on lost grounds

    oh how he sees

    the face that


    his very innocence

    To give




    to a child who

    will feast

    upon his

    naïve dream

    Share your heart

    your golden


    with the world

    the foolish peers

    who think they own

    the future

    But while you

    failed to pull the


    your sacrifice

    grew even


    and you

    simply smiled

    And your eyes



    with a little

    pained pride

    with your death

    you set him


    Dear self-crowning

    king of commitment

    to eternal


    you who smiled

    on us with thunder

    you, who guides us

    from above

    reflected by shining rain

    Dear king in heaven,

    please have


    with our worthless


    for we are foolishly trying

    to fill up

    our holes

    left by our shortcomings

    Rain down on us.